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The Smiths News Group operates in distinct but complementary markets; newspaper and magazine wholesaling, Smiths News, book wholesaling, Bertrams and education supplies, The Consortium.

Smiths News is the UK’s leading newspaper and magazine wholesaler. The company distributes newspapers and magazines on behalf of national publishers as well as a number of regional publishers. It serves approximately 30,000 retailers across England and Wales, supplying large general retailers as well as smaller independent newsagents.

Bertrams, is a leading wholesaler of books, and was acquired by the Group in March 2009. Bertrams has around 4,000 customers and supplies books to retailers in the UK and overseas. Its customers include a mix of independent booksellers, online and multiple retailers as well as libraries, with over 2 million title titles available to order.

The Consortium is one of the largest UK suppliers of education resources. The company was acquired by the Group in April 2012. The Consortium has approximately 30,000 customers and offers 40,000 products and services from cleaning and stationery supplies to curriculum resources and specialist vehicles for the fire and rescue services .


Smiths News

The UK’s leading newspaper and magazine wholesaler



The UK’s leading book wholesaler

The Consortium

The Consortium

One of the largest UK suppliers of education resources

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