“The road to sustainability is not to a known location. Rather sustainability is a perpetual and evolving journey. We recognise and plan our short term actions, but it is our culture and mindset that fuel our continual progress.”
Jon Bunting, CEO

A sustainable future

At Smiths News, we believe it’s important to do the right thing and to be aware of the impact of our actions. However, we acknowledge that we still need to do more, be more, and care more – creating a sustainable future for our colleagues to work for, and our partners and suppliers to work with.

We’ve worked with our business SMEs, process owners and the Executive team to create and challenge our future activity in an effort to push ourselves and the business to be more sustainable. To do this, we have identified some longer-term goals and have pledged commitment to the following ambitions:

  • To support the final mile contractor fleet to migrate to decarbonised technology by 2035.
  • The migration of the company’s car fleet to sustainably fuelled/ hybrid vehicles by 2025 and of our heavy goods vehicles to decarbonised technology by 2030.
  • New warehouse locations and current sites to be net carbon neutral by 2030.
  • All gas and electricity to be sourced from 100% green / renewable sources by 2024.
  • A colleague engagement score of 70% or greater each year and an improving trend of relevant ‘promoters’ within the underlying metrics.
  • A material improvement in the ethnic and gender diversity of our leadership population.
  • At least one Board member from a minority group and at least two female members by 2026.

“Here at Smiths News, we acknowledge that we have our own part to play in mitigating our impact on the planet, and to create sustainable solutions for the benefit of our supply chain, our customers, colleagues and wider society.

“We recently launched our plans for a more sustainable future, with Smiths News playing an active role in the changes we all know we must make as a society. Our ambition is bold and comprehensive, and, importantly, it has been shaped by the feedback of our colleagues on how we can work together in the interests of each other, our communities and the planet.”

Paul Baker
Sustainability Project, Executive Sponsor

With over 2,000 members signed up to the scheme, Smiths News Recycle is designed to help retailers manage soft plastics and bulky cardboard left over from stock deliveries and trips to the cash-and-carry.

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Pass It On is a registered charity, founded by Smiths News in 2017, which supports homeless and vulnerable people in the UK, providing immediate support to those in need. Working in partnership with other UK charities, local organisations, business supporters and our own network of volunteers, we deliver warm clothing, essential clothing and hot food to those who need it most.

Supporting Pass It On is a common goal among colleagues. It’s a charity with a clear mission – to make a difference to the lives of people struggling to survive in some of the most challenging circumstances – and that’s something that unites and motivates us at Smiths News and those operating in our business community such as Adidas, Reach and the Telegraph.

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