Amending your Orders

Order amendments can be made online or from the SNapp app.

How to amend an order on SNapp

It’s easy to make any adjustments via SNapp Online or our Snapp app.

Order amendments – things to remember

It’s easy to make any adjustments via SNapp Online or our SNapp app.

Order alterations last for:

  • Dailies/Sundays – two issues (eg, for relevant days – Monday then Monday or Sunday then Sunday).
  • Newspaper weeklies – two issues – The only exception is Racing Post due to its race geography.
  • Magazines – two issues.

If another alteration is made in a timely manner after these ttwo issues, then the “two-issue process” will reset. You will need to amend every day of the week for newspapers and a Monday change does not automatically change every day’s order of that title.

Please note: Due to sales movement, Bank Holiday issues – including those over Christmas – are excluded from the alterations process and will be set for the one issue.

Weekend supplies are best changed at the start of the week to avoid closed allocations due to supplement print order restrictions from the publishers.

Your allocations will change due to the fluidity of inbound supply and news agenda.

Checking your allocation changes
  • Understand the sales of the title you are considering changing by checking its sales history over the past four issues on SNapp.
  • Identify future orders.
  • When SN allocates copy to you, we are factoring in your sales history and following instructions from distributors, but you know your store better than us, so please be aware changes to your customers’ demands can take a couple of issues to take effect within our allocation process.
  • We will also allocate new titles to you – when there is a new launch, for example, or when you stock a particular magazine and we think your customers might like to see some alternatives. Always think before you cancel, as it’s worth testing new titles for at least three issues before deciding whether your customers would like them.
  • We might allocate new launches to you before any advertising has started. Please bear this in mind before cancelling a title. Research the product and subject, as it might be a good seller and it could take time to get copies to you.
  • Due to some allocation being out of our control, it is worth monitoring your order list on SNapp at least once a week.
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