Closing Your Business

We are always sorry to see retailers close their store. Before you go, have you considered the following?

Is your closure temporary or permanent?

We can put your account on hold for a period of time if you’re not sure about closing yet. If you are only wanting to temporarily close, then please notifiy us by SNapp. This will ensure there is no delay when you want to start receiving your supplies again.

Do you have HND rounds?

We can support transferring your rounds to ensure your customers are still able to still receive their news copies. Please contact us via

Selling your business?

If you are selling your business, please check in with the buyer, as a transfer application (Change of Ownership) will be the correct route to follow if the buyer is taking over the news account. This will ensure there is no disruption to supply during the sale process.

Falling sales?

We know that it can be tough out there with declining sales, but there are lots of ways that you can maximise your sales from newspapers and magazines. Visit our sales pages for some inspiration.

To initiate a permanent closure application

1. Visit

2. Click on the Close Account tab at the top of the screen.

3. Select if the account closure is Permanent or Temporary.

4. Confirm you are closing and not selling your business.

5. Now continue with the rest of the form, making sure all fields marked with a red * are completed.

6. When complete click the Submit button.

Note: As per our terms and conditions, customers are required to give a minimum of 12 weeks’ notice if trading over one year or 26 weeks’ notice if under one year. However, we will look to accommodate your needs as much as possible. Please call 0845 121 2235 to discuss this further.

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