Customer Complaints Processes

With our unparalleled experience in the newspaper and magazine market, we pride ourselves on providing the very best service for customers and publishers of every size.

Step 1

Customer services team

We are a seven-day operation and, whether enquiries come from a major supermarket chain or an independent retailer, we are confident that our team will manage all queries and concerns efficiently.

The first point of contact for our customers is always our customer services team, which is experienced at resolving queries and has a fantastic first-time resolution rate. However, sometimes this just doesn’t quite resolve your issue, or you may be experiencing persistent ongoing issues – this is where Careline comes in.

Please refer to your daily paperwork for your allocated Customer Service number.

Options available on a customer services phone menu:

Option 1 – Delivery times, re run missing titles.

Option 2 – Orders, new, amend or cancel.

Option 3 – Returns, credits, claims.

Option 4 – Tote seals, paperwork, sundries requests.

Option 5 – Anything else.

Step 2


Careline is our dedicated complaints escalation service. Customers can get in touch by email or use the phone line, which is open from 5.30am to 3.30pm seven days a week. This specialist Careline team will work to resolve your complaint, with the majority being resolved within 48 hours. Our dedicated team will listen to your concerns and raise a case internally, providing you with a trackable case number.

In order to raise a Careline case, please ensure you have at least one of your reference numbers from your conversations with Customer Services regarding the same issue in order to escalate.

Contact Careline:
email Careline
Call: 0345 125 5222
  • Via SNapp

Step 3

Press Distribution Forum

The Press Distribution Forum (PDF) is a self-regulated forum for associations and companies involved in the supply and distribution of newspapers and magazines.

The PDF has developed the Press Distribution charter (PDC) as a promise of good service and to set industry standards across the board.

The charter is intended to bring improvements for everyone and, most importantly, will help you to provide the best service for your customers.

Raising a complaint via the PDF will mean all our internal avenues of escalation have been exhausted and the complaint would need to fit the criteria of a PDC complaint.

You will need to provide your reference numbers from Customer Services and Careline as your evidence of a persistent issue.

Contact Press Distribution Forum:
Press Distribution Charter
Visit website