Customer Services

Smiths News places strong emphasis on customer service.

Not only do we offer expertise in the newspaper and magazine market, but we also have a commitment to providing the very best service, for customers and publishers of every size.

With an offshore customer service centre handling approximately 75k calls along with 7.5k email interactions per month, processes are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure the best experience is offered to our retailers.

We are a seven-day operation and, whether enquiries come from a major supermarket chain or an independent retailer, we are confident that our team will manage all queries and concerns efficiently.

With communication being key, we aim to update our retailers in several ways to make sure urgent information is received at the time needed:

  • Depot delay information recorded on our phone menu system (IVR) under the “Newspaper Delivery” option.
  • Important information placed at the start of our phone menu system (IVR).
  • SNapp messaging with any information important to your deliveries or sales support.
  • Your Round Up – a weekly publication with all the information you could need on the news and magazine sector.

We appreciate that there are times when things don’t go quite to plan, but our revised complaints process will ensure that we get to the bottom of your concerns.

Please refer to your daily paperwork for your allocated Customer Service number.

Options available on a customer services phone menu:

Option 1 – Delivery times, re run missing titles.

Option 2 – Orders, new, amend or cancel.

Option 3 – Returns, credits, claims.

Option 4 – Tote seals, paperwork, sundries requests.

Option 5 – Anything else.

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