Collectables enable your customers to collect and trade to complete a set.

There are many types of collectable product on the market: including stickers and albums (eg, Premier League), trading cards and binders (eg, Match Attax) and figurines (eg, Superthings). Collections are published to support latest trends, film releases and key sporting events.

  • Collectables are generally available to all stores.
  • Collections feature a number of product lines and usually include an album or binder to keep the items in and individual packets of trading cards, stickers or figurines. Publishers can create additional product lines to support larger collections.
  • You might see collectable products at your sales point or receive them before any advertising takes place. Hold on to them and give them a try for at least four weeks, as demand for a collection will increase throughout the on-sale period.
  • Publishers run national advertising campaigns to drive footfall into your store(s), do not disappoint consumers by making early returns as they will shop elsewhere to complete the collection.
  • Collectables are on sale for a number of months, so please check the recall date on SNapp or keep an eye on your recall notes and send back any returns when requested.
  • If you do sell out, let us know and we can send you further stock.

We always flag up best-selling collectables through SNapp messaging, so make sure you don’t miss out on some great opportunities for your store.

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