Hints and Tips for Success

There are lots of things that you can do to help the newspaper and magazine category perform at its best in your store. Here’s our step-by-step checklist to make sure you’re maximising sales.

News and magazines are impulse buys, so they’ve got to be inviting and easy to find. Many people make a purchase on seeing the front cover or follow signage in the store.  Make sure your display is in a good location, ideally at the front of store or in a place that’s easy to browse. Display magazines in easy to recognise segments and make sure that the covers can be seen. We recommend at least half of the title should be visible, otherwise customers won’t know which magazines you stock.

It sounds obvious, but, if you have an outside stand, is it clean and not damaged? Does it look inviting to customers? Does it display your newspapers at their best? If your stand is inside, can customers easily see the newspaper headlines? Make sure you give them the best chance of picking up a copy. Displays at the entrance or near the tills are proven to sell more copies.

Make sure you have the right range for your store. Yes, you will need the top national sellers, but there will be titles local to you and your area that you should look to stock. You should also consider stocking collectables as an additional revenue stream. Are you stocking enough kids’ titles or interesting monthlies? Are you stocking new launches and titles that support new trends? Are there any special-interest hobbies popular in your local area? If you are unsure, ask us for a top-sellers list for your area or browse titles available on SNapp.

Unless you provide us with EPoS data, we have no idea when you’ve sold out of a title. If you sell out and you’ve only just received your supply, why not order some more or increase your order for the next issue?
Please check it daily or look at your deliveries on SNapp. Get in touch and tell us of any errors in a timely manner. If any magazines are short-supplied, see if they can be resupplied or order extra copies via SNapp.

Make sure your returns are securely tied and labelled. Leave them out daily in a secure location for your driver to collect.

With Snapp, you can view your orders history, order more copies, make claims, manage all aspects of your account and download your paperwork. SNapp is also a direct communication tool for your depot to keep you in the loop, advising of driver away times and estimated ETAs, and highlighting any local issues that may affect your delivery on occasion.
Do a weekly check of your magazine fixture. Make sure nothing has slipped down the back, been put in the wrong place or should have been returned. See if you’ve sold out of popular titles and order more if required!
Invest time in the category and make sure others working with you care about offering customers a great display. Talk to your customers about their preferences and see if there’s anything you can order in for them. This personal service gives customers a reason to come back to your store time and time again.
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