Home News Delivery

Home News Delivery (HND) can provide a great incremental revenue stream for your business if there is demand in your area.

Our key tips for success
  • Manage your orders via SNapp – available as an app and website, SNapp has a unique function allowing you to actively manage your HND orders. Your HND orders are ring-fenced and your supplies will never be cut below the amount you require. For more information visit My Account in the SNapp menu.
  • Customer management– use a system such as Paperround or Reposs to help you manage your customer details, manage orders, stop and start deliveries, plot efficient rounds and manage billing.
  • Cash collection – set up a robust cash collection method for your HND customers so that you are paid on time and aren’t out of pocket if customers don’t pop into your store regularly. Try to accept card payments or direct debits if you can. If you have an elderly customer base – see if you can get contact details for someone in their family who can help them to make payments on-time and regularly.
  • Vouchers– make sure your vouchers are returned in the week they are due so they are credited from your supplies in the right time-frame.
  • Flexible delivery model – the reality of newspaper delivery is that your supplies won’t arrive at the same time every day, try to build in a bit of buffer into your delivery plans so that if your supplies are late you still have resource ready to fulfil your rounds.
  • Additional products – once you have an established customer base why not see if they are interested in purchasing other products from you such as a weekly or monthly magazine?
Are you looking to buy or sell your rounds?

Contact us at mynewsaccount@smithsnews.co.uk

Advising of HND changes

Log onto SNapp and let us know you have HND rounds and how many customers. This is available in ‘My Account’ in SNapp. You can also detail by title your HND copies and we use this when we allocate copies.

What is TPI?

The TPI (Third Party Insert) Payments Scheme offers retailers the opportunity to receive additional payments for third party supplementary newspaper inserts, delivered via HND, providing they meet a certain weight requirement. These are usually non-promotional advertising catalogues.

Do I qualify to claim the payment?

Customers who provide a Home News Delivery (HND) service from their store can register for the TPI scheme.

What do I need to do?

Please complete a registration form available via SNapp Information Centre. It is essential that the figures you provide are a current reflection of your HND sales to ensure any payment from publishers reflects your business.

HND Order Management Systems
Register for SNapp

Register online or download the SNapp app.

SNapp online can be used to fulfil the same requests as the app within a web browser.

Click on the relevant provider for the
SNapp download page for your device.