The Right Range for Your Store

Customer knowledge, coupled with effective and attractive shelf displays, can boost magazine sales in-store.

Choose what’s right for your customers
  • For displaying magazines, we generally recommend a metre bay with nine shelves. This can take around 50 magazines, but you can display more or fewer as you feel appropriate. Most importantly, a magazine’s title and cover should remain visible to encourage customers to buy
  • There are national top-sellers, but some magazines might sell better in different areas. Understand your customers and the area your shop is in.
  • Review the latest ‘top seller’ magazine ranking reports – available on SNapp Online.
  • Review your sales history – this can be done on SNapp – this will show you what is selling in your store and enable you to adjust orders.
  • Consider taking orders for specific/niche magazines for your customers – shop saves.
Display tips

While you will see a variety of displays if you visit other retailers there are a few golden rules to follow:

  • Allow approximately five magazines per metre shelf space – it’s really important your customers can see the front covers
  • Magazines fit into different categories, which should be displayed together.
  • Children’s magazines do well on lower shelves, where they can see them.
  • Adult magazines need to be on the top shelf.
  • If you are considering new racking – Bartuf offer a great range. They can be contacted at
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