Your Delivery Drop

How we deliver to your store is important.
We aim to deliver to you before your store opens, and at the time we deliver, we need to be able to collect your returns.

It’s really important the site is accessible all the time as there are occasions where we will deliver late at night or early in the morning.

If your site is not totally secure, there is a risk that items will be stolen. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for any items that are missing if you are unable to provide a secure location.

You can purchase a security box from RI Manufacturing, which is a great alternative if you do not have a lockable area. You can contact them at

Please don’t forget to contact us via SNapp to arrange collection of your key.

Your delivery location must be accessible by road and only a few metres from your secure area. Ensure the area is well lit and there are no uneven surfaces that our driver and your own staff may struggle with. If you have any special access requirements, please ensure our customer service teams are aware of these when you set up your account.

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