Your Delivery Times

Each store has a time set in our system showing when we need to deliver by – this is known as an RDT (Required Delivery Time) or SDT (Suggested Delivery Time).

Your delivery time will set according to your opening time and whether you have any HND rounds.

Our target delivery time is at least opening time minus five minutes, with an extra time allowance if you are an HND retailer.

We understand that many retailers want an earlier delivery time, but we have to plan our routes in a way that is efficient for drivers.

Depots in some areas of the country are a significant distance from publishers’ print sites, so times we receive product from them can vary. This and the distance from your shop to our depot means that there will be occasions when we cannot meet your required delivery time. However, we will always work with you to offer the best solution available.


Each depot has its own cut-off time for receipt of newspapers and magazines from a publisher. If a title arrives after this, it impacts on us being able to meet our delivery time commitments. To ensure that you receive at least some of the titles on time, we have an agreement in place for our vehicles to depart with all available titles. All later ones will be brought to your store on a re-run after the initial delivery.

Pre-run or post-run

When there is a risk that weight allowance will be exceeded, we will pre-run or post-run certain products. This means that you might receive your magazines or weekend supplements before your live news delivery. A post-run can be used for products delivered late to us.

NPA cut-off extension

The NPA (Newspaper Publishers Association) sometimes agrees an extension to cut-off times to allow for a late-running news story or important sports results. This is intended to ensure that the newspaper content is as up to date as possible, resulting in increased sales potential. The extension is usually between 15 and 30 minutes and, if one is agreed, we will write to you or notify you via SNapp.

Unforeseen delays

In some circumstances your delivery might be delayed due to reasons beyond our control. In these instances, we will attempt to contact you via a SNapp message, or if you phone our customer services contact number, there will be a notification informing you of any known delays to your round.

Estimated Time of Arrival

You can find out when to expect your delivery by checking our daily ETA message on SNapp. This calculation is based on the departure of the driver from our depot and the average time it has taken to reach your store over the past few weeks. Gaps in our data might mean that we are not always able to provide you with an ETA, but we are working on improving this service to make it more accurate in the near future.

Delivery delays

We monitor our delivery performance by depot very closely and share data with management teams daily. We understand that you might sometimes experience a late delivery time, but please be assured these are always known, tracked, monitored and reviewed by management teams. We will always work to correct any repeated delivery time failures as soon as we can.

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