Your First Delivery

Following our simple set of procedures helps to ensure that your deliveries run smoothly and efficiently.

Check your delivery

It is important you check in your deliveries each day to ensure you have the correct product and quantities and, in the event of any shortages, you claim for them.

Check your deliveries off against your Daily Priced Delivery Note or SNapp delivery list each day. Note any discrepancies and ideally get someone in the store to double check them.

Reporting errors

If you have noted any errors, you must let us know as soon as possible.

Newspapers shortages and overpacks need to be reported within two hours of your store opening and by 10am at the latest on the day of delivery.

Magazine shortages and overpacks need to be reported by 3pm Monday to Friday, and 11am at weekends. You can make claims and advise of overpacks by logging onto SNapp

All claims are reviewed on the day, with the outcome shown on the following day’s paperwork. Any replacements sent will be charged as miscellaneous copies.

The depot has the option to reject a claim when there is evidence to show that it was made in error.

Register for SNapp

Register online or download the SNapp app.

SNapp online can be used to fulfil the same requests as the app within a web browser.

Click on the relevant provider for the
SNapp download page for your device.