Your First Return

Follow our step-by-step instructions and guidance for sending back newspapers and magazines.

Processing newspaper returns
  • Each day you will receive a newspaper recall note which comes in two halves.
  • When your store is closed, check for all returns on the shelves, in uncollected shop saves, back rooms etc, and sort into the different titles.
  • Detail the number of copies per title on both portions of the recall note.
  • Bundle your returns into parcels weighing no more than 18kg and measuring approximately 30cm deep.
  • Tie your bundle securely with string and attach one part of the recall note to it.
  • If you have more than one bundle, ensure you detail this on the recall sheet. Stick one newspaper returns label to the top and bottom of it. Do not use this label for magazine bundles or totes, as it does not work with magazine returns equipment.
  • Your papers will be collected at the same time as deliveries are made and from the same location. Please ensure that your returns are put out before our driver arrives.
  • If your returns are not collected, please contact us via SNapp to report this.

Important: It’s vital you note the deadlines for credits. Any queries must be reported within these timescales.

You will need string and tote seals to send your returns back to us. These are available to order via SNapp.

Processing magazine returns
  • You will receive a Magazine Recall note on four days – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • Some titles will not have a new copy, so use your recall note for returns, as it is not 100% accurate to take titles off sale only when you have new issues.
  • Ensure you enter the number of copies per item being returned on both sides of the recall note.
  • If you wish to send other titles back early, you must add the correct title, issue details, price and number of copies to the bottom of the recall sheet.
  • Ensure all tote boxes are sealed with tote seals.
  • Unopened bundles do not need to be put into totes, as we can scan the barcode found on the outer delivery wrapping. Totes/bundles should be placed in the location where deliveries are made. Please check the collection dates on your recall note – we do not collect totes daily.
  • Your magazine credits should show on your DPDN within three days. If they don’t, you should raise a claim via SNapp.
  • Once you have completed your returns, you MUST seal the tote with red tote seals.
  • : Drivers are asked not to collect unsealed tote boxes. To ensure we do not delay your credits, please make sure you have a supply of these seals to hand.
  • Please do not use a newspaper return label on your tote. We do not scan them as part of the magazine process and it could mean your return will not be credited to your account.
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