Your Paperwork Explained

Essential documents help you to keep a handle on your newspaper and magazine sales.

Daily Priced Delivery Note (DPDN)

There are two types: Deliveries and Credits.

This document shows all goods supplied with:

  • Quantity
  • Retail price
  • Discount
  • Net value
  • VAT (where applied)
Weekly Summary Invoice (WSI)

Check your DPDN values match each entry on your WSI.

Your WSI will detail your:

  • Retail margin
  • Your weekly carriage charge
  • Any VAT charges
  • Any miscellaneous charges (string etc..)

The WSI will advise you when payment is being taken from your bank account. In the case of new stores awaiting a direct debit to be set up, it will confirm the date you need to make payment. It is important that you read this, as you might need to pay us by another method in the meantime.

This is your weekly invoice, which you need to check and pay on time. You should also retain it for your own accounts.


SalesPoint is a document that shows new titles being added to your supply and those being removed through lack of sales.

We add new titles because we think they will sell well in your store. So give them a try – don’t just cancel them!

You can always try a few issues and, if they are not selling, you can send them back – you don’t have to wait for the recall date.

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