Instore recognised for Engagement App of the Year

Published On: Monday, 29 January, 2018Categories: Awards, News
Instore, a Smiths News company, is proud to have been recognised a Gold Winner at the first ever BE Connected Awards in the Engagement App of the Year category.

Instore’s winning entry was for its revolutionising ‘What’s In Store’ concept, a unique ‘shelfie’ development that allows brands and retailers to work together, sharing information about the in-store experience and consumer journey.

The team beat their opponents at the BE Connected Awards – the first event of its kind to celebrate new Field Marketing and Brand Experience (FMBE) industry innovations and recognise those who help connect the brands journey in real time from the bright idea to the end consumer.

The winning app reveals a snapshot of how a product is being seen and promoted on the shelves of all the independent and convenience store members, and uses incentives for store owners to get involved. With a winning strapline of ‘Snap up the cash with every shelfie’, membership has continued to grow. The app also allows brands to receive live, accurate survey results with images on dashboards including everything from magazines to biscuits and crisps.

Instore General Manager Mike Frost commented,

“We are always thinking of exciting ways to engage with our clients, and wanted to offer a more cost-effective solution to merchandising. In simple terms, the initiative offers rewards to independent stores in return for simply answering a couple of questions and taking snaps of displayed brands. Meanwhile it allows brands and suppliers to instantly ascertain how their products are being displayed on the shelf.

Campaigns to date have demonstrated increased sales and reductions in early returns – all due to the focus given to a product, so everyone’s a winner!

“Our teams have worked very hard to launch and deliver the solution, continues Mike. “And we are excited to continue to lead the way in this field.”

‘What’s In Store’ is revolutionising self-compliance – just one of the services offered by Instore. As part of the newspaper and magazine wholesaler Smith News, it also works with retailers, suppliers and publishers in the area of Field Marketing and Supply Chain Auditing who exist to champion best practice in FM&BE disciplines and to help clients to select and get the best results from leading specialist and integrated agencies, and their suppliers in the sector.

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