Smiths News celebrate customers connecting with SNapp

Smiths News is delighted to report that over 1,800 retailers are now using SNapp, their mobile app, following its official launch in late August.

Smiths News celebrate customers connecting with SNapp

With the majority of downloads made on Apple devices (63% of users), Smiths News has seen up to 800 daily users on SNapp. The most popular feature in SNapp is ‘my orders’, which allows retailers to manage their supplies by ordering extra copies and adding new titles to their range.

Already proving to be a vital time-saving tool for retailers, especially in the early hours of the morning, SNapp allows customers to manage their deliveries, make alterations, claim for any missing titles or credit and organise their range including ordering extras and new titles.

With its capabilities designed with customer input at every stage, SNapp links up live to Smiths News’ system, meaning that retailers no longer need to call their local Smiths News distribution team each time they want to change their order, claim or query a credit.

Retailers who use the app also receive informative messages from their local distribution team via their SNapp inbox. The messages range from; re-runs, how adverse weather conditions are affecting deliveries and information about new launches.  Sarb Daley, of Sarb’s Convenience Store, Wolverhampton says:

“First and foremost, the app has saved me a lot of time.  I don’t need to call Smiths News half as much now.  I’ve told retailers in my local area how easy it is to use and I’ve said to them “If I can use it, they can use it!” Having SNapp on my phone definitely makes my life a lot easier.”

As the number of SNapp users increase daily, Smiths News hopes that more of its customers will see the benefits of using SNapp on their Apple or Android device.  Talking about future SNapp developments, Marcus Cotes, IT Director, Smiths News said:

“Our customers have given us great ideas for additions to the app and we have started work on them already.”

SNapp is free to download on to iPhone and Android devices.  Simply search for ‘SNapp’ or ‘Smiths News’ and it will appear, ready to be installed on your phone.

First and foremost, the app has saved me a lot of time - Sarb Daley, of Sarb's Convenience Store, Wolverhampton