We are committed to our environmental responsibilities, seeking to minimise the impact of our activities on the planet by setting ourselves recycling and energy reduction targets, while ensuring compliancy with environmental standards.


The success of Smiths News depends on our ability to transport goods around the country. The best way to do this is road freight, meaning we have a duty to minimise emissions and maximise the fuel efficiency of our delivery fleet.
That’s exactly what we’ve done, by upgrading all of our lorries to Euro 5 compliant vehicles. In addition, we ensure drivers collect returns at the same time that they make deliveries, greatly reducing the distances they travel.

Energy efficiency isn’t only about running an environmentally friendly fleet, however. We also work to reduce energy consumption across our network of distribution centres and offices. So we encourage staff to turn off lights when they’re not needed, or to shut down their computers at night. These might sound like little actions – but, taken together, they’re making a big difference to the world around us.

All our 7.5-tonne commercial vehicles are Euro 5

Achieved recertification to the Carbon Trust Standard in Sept 2012

Ranked in the top   4% of the Carbon Reduction Commitment league table

We have reduced our internal fleet diesel use by over 12%


We recycle 99 per cent of our newspaper and magazine returns, producing paper that is used in the manufacture of future newspapers. This enhances the green credentials of the supply chain, ensuring that its impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

We recycle as much of our waste as we can, across our entire estate. This means that we reduce the materials that end up in landfill, as well as conserving the earth’s precious natural resources.

For a business of our size and complexity, these measures are very important. They ensure we tread lightly on the planet, while continuing to offer a first-rate service to retailers and publishers throughout England and Wales.


of newspaper and magazine returns are recycled

We utilise the latest environmentally friendly waste management solutions


of packaging is recycled


vehicle movements removed due to waste consolidation

We’re proud to support