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Simran took on the role of Internal Communications Specialist as part of her secondment from DMD, one of Smiths News’ sister businesses, in July 2021. She has a real passion for digital media and is loving the opportunity to create fresh, modern content designed to keep colleagues across the company connected and in-touch.

Simran Johal

Marketing Specialist, Swindon
Smiths News

Tell us about your job

I take responsibility for inbox management, respond to queries and requests, and look after SmithsZone – the company’s new intranet – as well as its original site.. I also write a regular newsletter sent out across the entire business and work with our marketing agency to maintain LinkedIn and Twitter.
One of my main drivers has been to deliver communications that are up to date and engaging. There’s no room for clunky, old-school or boring. I wanted the intranet to be something that colleagues find useful, interesting and a really good platform to use, and I think we have certainly succeeded.
I’m new to the team with a modern approach and I have brought this vibe across all my work. Even email banners have been freshened up to give the person on the receiving end a positive feeling.

What’s it like to work for Smiths News?

It is a really friendly company and everyone works well together. There are great ethics and it strives to bring diversity and inclusion into the workplace while supporting growth, development and career progression. I was fortunate to be sent on an Adobe course, which benefits me and the company, as it has given me the skills to adapt graphics in-house.
There is a fantastic network of people who make you feel valued and supported. When you do something well, it certainly gets noticed and I really like the way that people can nominate each other for an Extra Mile Award.

Tell us about your career path

I graduated from the University of Roehampton with a degree in Media Cultural Studies & Sociology and went to work at the head office of Kurt Geiger as a Customer Services Manager. It was fine for a first job, but not really the media work I was looking for.
So, when a Digital Content Administrator role became available at DMD, our sister company to Smiths News specialising in printed and digital media to airlines and travel points across the globe, I took it. Except for a short four-month break working as a Media Coordinator for Sky, I have remained with the company and am now Digital Content Manager.
The opportunity to experience life as an Internal Communications Specialist arrived when I was offered a secondment at Smith News. This is a completely new path for me, but I am really enjoying it, as it is such an insightful area.

What do you do in your downtime?

I am an auntie and really like looking after my niece and nephew, as well as spending time with my family, going for walks and socialising with friends.

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