Smiths News launches recycling collection service for retailers

Published On: Wednesday, 27 July, 2022Categories: News

Smiths News has launched a low-cost daily recycling collection service to help its independent customers in the West Midlands and North West to manage soft plastic and bulky cardboard packaging left over from trips to the cash-and-carry and stock deliveries. 

Those participating in the new scheme are provided with bags to put the recycling into. There is no need to book a collection slot – bags are simply left out with newspaper returns for Smiths News to take away at the same time, ensuring that no extra journeys are made. 


Customers can take advantage of as many collections as they want. Some might require several a week, while others need only one. This no-fuss service is available for a single flat-rate fee added to their weekly news bill, with no ties and the freedom to opt out whenever they like. They can also benefit from a special-offer price of £3.50 a week for early sign-up.  


This service allows Smiths News to support its customers in a really practical way, saving them money with a more competitive, cost-effective service than the one they might previously have subscribed to while helping to free up valuable space in their stores. 


“We asked customers what it takes to manage a successful independent store and dealing with waste was a key theme, as it is a pain to manage and a significant cost,” said Michael Williams, Smiths News’ Head of Proposition Development. “So it makes sense to use both our delivery network and existing recycling infrastructure to help. Fitting with our own aspirations on sustainability is an added bonus.” 


The collection service is being rolled out to independent retailers in the Smiths News Birmingham Group from the 25th of July, with further areas to be added. Those wishing to participate should apply online at

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