Non-Trade Suppliers & Partners

Smiths News is committed to collaborating in a professional and ethical way with our suppliers and partners. In return, we look to our suppliers and partners to mirror this in the way in which they trade and work with us.

Our approach

Through our approach to procurement, we are committed to:

  • Keeping our suppliers and partners close – we believe our suppliers are key to our success.
  • Leading a respected and fair procurement process throughout selection, negotiation, in-life or at the end of any trading relationship.
  • The open, trusted and fair treatment of all third parties that work with us.
  • Implementing clear terms and conditions of purchase that set out the trading relationship either by purchase order or under a mutually agreed contract.
  • The transparent business practices – unethical practices have no place in our supply chain.
  • Taking care of the safety and working conditions of both our and your colleagues – we partner only with businesses who show the same engagement, making no concessions when it comes to their health and safety.
Our Supplier Code

Our Supplier Code outlines this approach in accordance with our company values (Quick, Open, Friendly, Creative, Trusted and Fair) and what we expect from our supply chain in return.

If you work with us, or hope to in future, please ensure you have read the following:

Supplier Code
Our Terms & Conditions of Purchase (Goods & Services Smiths News Trading Ltd)
Ethical Trading Policy
Supplier Security Policy
Sustainable Procurement Policy

Please note we operate a no PO no pay policy.

Need help?

If you need help with generally using CS2 or regarding working with us, please contact the Smiths News procurement team on

If you need help with outstanding payments or invoices, please first ensure you have checked for updates in CS2 then, if still unresolved, email

We ask our suppliers to self-service their account via our Supplier portal – CS2
Visit portal

CS2 allows you to view and manage your company profile with us including giving you the ability to change company details, track purchase orders, invoice status and payment status.

This portal provides a single purchasing platform for all Smiths News non-trade suppliers.