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Smiths News places strong emphasis on customer service.

Our priority is to get the right products to the right place at the right time, and we strive to do this every day of the year, for every issue and every retailer.

Smiths News is accredited for its expertise in the newspaper and magazine distribution sector, but we also have a drive to provide the very best service for customers and publishers of every size.

Our two regional customer service centres handle more than 37,000 calls a week on local-rate contact numbers or via email. Whether the inquiry comes from a major supermarket chain or an independent retailer, we deal with it professionally, promptly and courteously. It’s part of our commitment to partnership working and to consolidating our relationships with every part of the supply chain.


Handling complaints

Given the complexity and time sensitivity of our operation, it is understandable that problems do occur from time to time. Most issues are quickly resolved, but if more serious or persistent problems are reported, you can download and submit a Stage One complaint or alternatively contact our Customer Careline on telephone 0345 125 5222.




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