Our place in the market

Smiths News is an essential link in the newspaper and magazine supply chain.

We sit between publishers and retailers, ensuring a diverse range of print media is distributed to every corner of the country, 364 days a year.

Thanks to our unmatched service and expertise, customers in even the remotest parts of the UK are able to read the news on a daily basis. We operate in the fastest moving supply chain in the world, making it imperative that we are efficient, professional and accurate in everything we do.
As well as delivering newspapers and magazines, we collect unsold copies from retailers and ensure they are recycled. By doing this at the same time as we make deliveries, we ensure a non-stop distribution cycle that is in process 24-hours a day, 364 days of the year.
Due to the volume of data we collate on sales and buying habits, we can help publishers target their readers with greater accuracy resulting in improved sales and uptake of their products. In addition to assisting publishers our history and expertise also enable us to forecast sales, assist retailers with accurate stock management, and provide 24hr replenishment, creating the best possible conditions for sales success with a customised stock and retail programme.