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Smiths News is at the very heart of the newspaper and magazine industry, as an essential link in the supply chain.

We work with publishers, delivering their products around the country in a timely and efficient fashion. And we work with over 30,000 retailers of every size, delivering to each one with speed and efficiency, providing them with the right quantity of newspapers and magazines for their customers.  That’s what we call our nightly miracle.
As the country’s largest newspaper and magazine wholesaler, Smiths News is perfectly positioned to supply retailers with the print media they need. Our network of distribution centres gives us a large footprint across the country, ensuring we deliver newspapers and magazines on time, and cost effectively.
Our expertise helps retailers stock just the right quantity of newspapers and magazines. We work with every sort of retail business, from the nation’s largest supermarkets to the smallest independent retailers. And be assured that all of our customers benefit from the same great quality service and close attention to detail.


We work with over 24,000 retailers of every size, delivering new products within hours of them arriving at our distribution centres.

& distributors

Independent surveys have ranked Smiths News as the number one news and magazine wholesaler, thanks to our specialist expertise and careful attention to customer service.

Corporate news distribution

Martin-Lavell specialises in supplying newspapers and magazines to the corporate and public sector. 
Find out about our corporate news distribution services.

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Delivering across the UK 364 days of the year