Publisher & Distributor support

With a nationwide reach and a commitment to first-rate service, Smiths News has a compelling offer for newspaper and magazine publishers.

And our range of services means that we’re well set up for your business, whatever type of publication you’re selling.

Logistical capability

Network and operational infrastructure

With 37 distribution centres across England and Wales and a well-established supply chain, we have a proven infrastructure in place to deliver newspapers and magazines to even the remotest locations.
Our delivery networks are highly efficient, and they are cost-effective routes to market. If you need a newspaper or magazine delivered to a location in England and Wales it is likely that we will be able to provide a highly competitive offer as we are already going in that direction.

So whatever the size of the publisher, and whatever your product range, Smiths News can deliver.
We will even do so with our customary commitment to great service and added value – meaning your publications reach retailers when and where they are needed, and stand every chance of being sold.


Whether it is a glossy magazine with a cover-mounted gift or a broadsheet newspaper, Smiths News is equipped to handle your product. Magazines are packed into secure Tote boxes, and newspapers are bundled into handpicked parcels.
Every consignment comes with a detailed delivery note, and we can supply electronic scanners to help retailers keep track of their orders as they unpack them. Our services help to improve efficiencies, and minimises the chances of mistakes in the supply chain.


We provide daily deliveries of newspapers 364 days a year, and magazines are delivered from Tuesday to Saturday.
Newspapers are delivered to retailers within hours of arriving at our distribution centres, and drop-off times are agreed with retailers. We monitor delivery performance against these targets, to ensure the efficiency of our supply chain.


Returns are collected by our drivers at the same that they make deliveries, so as to minimise travelling time and save retailers from having to store unwanted copies. We process returns on a daily basis to ensure retailers receive prompt credit that eases cash flow.
We also provide retailers with returns paperwork to assist with title recall dates, and track all returns from the minute of collection until they come back to our distribution centres.

Returns are securely processed and sent for recycling – ensuring a closed loop on product and minimal environmental impact.


We invoice stores in our territories on a weekly basis, and provide daily updates about credits and debits.

Customer service

Our customer service centres are staffed every day of the week, ensuring there is always someone on hand to resolve queries from retailers. In addition, we provide round-the-clock support. 

Additional services

Copy management

Our copy management solution is the best in the business, and enables us to optimise supply levels by title at retailer level. In consequence, we can meet publisher and retailer performance expectations, by ensuring the right publications are sent out in the right quantities to the retailers that stand most chance of selling them.

For retailers with EPoS systems, we integrate their sales data feeds into our platform, facilitating even more accurate demand forecasting.

Sales based replenishment

Sales based replenishment (SBR) helps retailers to stock just the right quantity of magazines, without filling their storerooms with excess product. Our system uses EPoS sales data to predict demand in particular locations, then allocates the next day’s deliveries on that basis. As a result, Smiths News holds stock on behalf of retailers, and replenishes their in-store supply on demand.

Information provision

With a unique position as a crucial link in the supply chain, our industry leading information offer gives publishers a birds-eye view of the market. Our transparent performance data can be accessed by both retailers and publishers via an online portal, enabling them to measure our performance against KPIs, as well as viewing sales figures from title to customer level. This facilitates retail compliance reporting and post-promotion analysis. 

Sales information is updated daily, so our trading partners have access to the latest figures.If necessary, we can produce bespoke reports that are tailored to your needs.

Account management

We offer publishers day-to-day account support and advice to ensure smooth operational performance, swift resolution of any queries and performance management of KPIs.
Our account managers are responsible for:

  • Agreeing and delivering joint business plans
  • Meeting our service commitments
  • Providing insights into market performance, making use of our extensive information capabilities
  • Collaboratively developing supply and copy management strategies
  • Finding ways to improve performance of your titles and developing our service offer to meet your future requirements
  • Ensuring your publishing strategies are delivered through Smiths News
  • Ensuring you are fully aware of our plans to drive our business forward, whether these are investments in infrastructure and systems or improvements in our service offer

Data management

Because we recognise that rich and accurate data is crucial to the business decisions our trading partners make, our Data Management team oversees the quality and integrity of all the data we provide. Moreover, they ensure sales information is sent electronically to publishers within agreed timeframes.

Shop development

To help maximise sales of your titles, our shop development team helps retailers with all aspects of newspaper and magazine display, including shop fixtures, range advice and merchandising.

Corporate News Distribution