Supporting retailers, every step of the way

As a Smiths News customer, you can benefit from a business relationship that goes far beyond the supply of newspapers and magazines. We support our retailers in driving sales growth and maximising profitability, so that they can enjoy the full benefits of selling print publications in store.

We  advise our retailers about the best publications to stock for their customer base and we help them decide how much to order, so that they reduce wastage and enhance profit. 

We also support our retailers to grow their newspaper and magazine business, through branding and merchandising in their stores to maximise sales.

Our retailer support system is a key part of our success – because, by helping you grow your sales of newspapers and magazines, everyone in the supply chain can reap the rewards.

Premier Club - our promotions club for independent retailers provides members with market insight, category advice and exclusive promotional offers. For more information visit:

Top 10 Premier Club selling points

  • Free membership
  • Grow your sales through our exclusive offers
  • Lively and colourful PoS to enhance your displays
  • Category information
  • Exclusive Premier Club promotions
  • Seasonal promotions at key times
  • Planogram advice – how to maximise your sales
  • New launches and special issues
  • Spotlight information on various themes throughout the year
  • Events calendar

Press Distribution Forum

To ensure we operate to the highest possible standard, we are members of the Press Distribution Forum, which is our industry's self-regulatory body. We also helped develop the Press Distribution Charter, which sets out our industry's service standards for retail customers. 

Given the complexity and time-sensitivity of our operation, it is inevitable that problems will occur from time to time. Most issues are quickly resolved, but if more serious or persistent problems are reported, the Charter is supported by a complaints process & independent review panel. 

Documents for download are available below. 


  • Press distribution charter

    Click here to view the press distribution charter (PDC)


  • PDC complaints resolution process

    Click here to view the complaints resolution process


  • Customer complaint form

    Click here to download our customer complaint form


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